Online Gaming

Lately we often pay attention to the phrase “violence because of experiencing playing online” on the media such as TV or newspapers. The group has said a lot of damage from the terrible images of bloodshed or removing screen in action online . Many people believe that this is one of the causes of devastation or removing robbery but there is no evidence about it, they liability for action online creating on their own feeling. Everything has two aspects and the same to action online.

A recent study names “Video activity and its impacts to young people” says that “The impact of game online can be predictable, the violent games transmiss the dangerous actions to players as bullying or disrupted their friends. Of course, they can cause to justifications, clashes…not yet cause to the felony if the child is well knowledgeable. This research also notices” At present there is no proof show the regards between the criminal felony assault in activity and the criminal felony in real life.

If a personal has no moral sense, whether experiencing competitive gamming online or not, they will commit. And the moral and well experienced personal, even though they play the competitive games, they will not committed crime. Therefore we cannot liability responsibility for action online whenever displaying the attack. While experiencing action is proven has positive has an effect on to players.

Enjoying game also allows people to reduce pressure in their learning and working. If you play games consistently and reasonably, gamers will learn some essential abilities in life, such as extremely focused, fast response.

In finale, we still do not have any proof to confirm the side results of gamming online to individuals and community. The gamers need to have advantages of enjoying game online. Everything has two factors and if gamers know the best way to use them, you will absolutely obtain many positive factors.