The situation for all web developers available is a thankless task, but provides a lot of people are SEO experts. By definition, SEO is the optimization of search engines, and is the process of improving the state of the spider’s web site for search engines as a result of the profile. For most people, it’s all that really matters in the top 20 solutions, because the pages can be very punitive waders.

Loading Time

While it is easy to shake the very information site, coatings and other goodies, you can reduce the public presentation of his team. When there are many things that happen, the team needs time to deal with, and technical experts to determine irritation. Keep the load time of your site to a minimum. Of course, there is no need to sacrifice all his, but make sure the Hypertext Mark-up Language program code is not very wide, and beyond.


This is related to font size and face, more than anything. Easier to read, the more I think it’s more or less obvious.

Summarize what you do at the home page

When people go to start somewhere, want to know where they are before proceeding. In this sense also applies to surf the web, then tell us what you’re doing, not just the first page. If you have a marketing game, they say. If a comment exotic recipes, so to speak, readers do not want to stay longer than necessary to get in your way, if you are not interested and to attract those who want to help their services.

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